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      Date: Jan 16, 2012
     Title: Accelecare Wound Centers® Expands Becoming the 2nd Largest Wound Management Provider with Operations in 28 States

In 2011, Accelecare Wound Centers® expanded its hospital partnered Advanced Wound Centers to 28 states and is now the 2nd largest wound management provider.

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Accelecare Wound Centers® announced today that in 2011 the Company expanded its hospital partnered Advanced Wound Centers to 28 states across the country and is now the 2nd largest wound management provider in the United States.  “Our dedication to providing the highest quality Advanced Wound Management Services with exceptional customer satisfaction is paying off,” said Michael Lester, Chief Executive Officer. 

“Growth in the number of patients requiring advanced wound care services is driven by three underlying trends: increasing rates of obesity; increasing prevalence of diabetes; and the aging of our population.  With more than 26 million Americans suffering from diabetes and our population aging at an exponential rate, hospitals are looking for efficient, high quality, cost effective solutions for these patient’s complicated care needs.”

Accelecare provides its hospital partners with a turn-key wound management solution to treat patients with chronic, non-healing wounds.  Accelecare’s managed outpatient Advanced Wound Centers provide hospitals with a new source of positive contribution margin, a cost effective, disease-focused  site of care for patients that otherwise end up as an inpatient in the hospital, and most importantly, a vital clinical service for underserved patients in the local community.

About Accelecare Wound Centers

Based near Seattle, Washington, Accelecare Wound Centers ( provide full-service wound management solutions to hospitals and health care organizations across the United States. Staffed with trained physicians, nurses, and specialized technicians, Accelcare’s Advanced Wound Centers offer hospitals a clinical-pathway-driven patient care plan resulting in efficacious and cost-effective healing rates at the forefront of the industry. The company’s mission revolves around partnerships with hospitals, caring services for patients, and clinical excellence.

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